Video Production and Fixing Services

Since 2009, Daniel Gray (linkedinImdb) and his team has been involved with many of the video productions, research and books, media and business projects that have come to Korea. Daniel is a Korean-American with over 10 years of experience of working in Korea. In Korea he has worked with Korean media companies such as TBS eFM radio, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) and Munhwa Broadcast Channel (MBC). He owns, invested in and has started businesses (Brew 3.14 and Brew 3.15)  in Korea. Being well connected with many in various industries, he has been able to arrange interviews, insight programs, lectures, and video productions in Korea.You can find out more about their Events and Business Programs on their events site as well:


Sample Produced Videos


Additional videos of our videos for clients can be found here.

On-Air Food Specialist or Guest

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2015: Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown- South Korea. I worked with the production team to be a segment guest for Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain.


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January 2015: Vice Munchies: Soju is Korean Firewater: Al-Kee-Hol. I worked with the production team to be part of the drinking segment.


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December 2011: Unravel Travel TV: City of Seoul, Korea and Seoul Gourmet: Food Tour Guide.

Video Productions as a Line Producer or Fixer

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November 2014: Vocativ TV for MSNBC News. We produced 5 news segments: A Visit to the Republic of Samsung, Korean Food Porn, The Next Bieber? How the K-Pop Industry Manufactures Stars. We researched, arranged, translated, acquired permissions, arranged equipment, arranged hotels and logistics for their weeklong shoot.

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September 2013: National Geographic Chef’s Story with Ryan Clift. I set-up the Jeonju segments on Royal Court Cuisine and farming. I was also asked to be an on-air specialist.

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2011: House Hunter’s International: Teaching Abroad in Ansan, South Korea. I arranged the guests, the equipment, transport and shooting permissions for this shoot.


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Gourmet Diary of a Foodie (Click on Picture to see video)


2009: Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie Korea: Ancient Food, Modern World. I worked with Zero Point Zero Production to set up all the shooting locations, translate and appear as an on-air specialist.


Research, Translation and Arranging Interviews

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August 2014: I worked with author Euny Hong to arrange interviews with high-profile Koreans for her book. This included CEOs, pop-stars, musicians and many other people. I was also interviewed and quoted in the book.