Ultimate Food Experience: Private Tour


Ultimate Food Tour Menu (menus often change according to your preferences)

  • Fish Market Tour with a full course lunch including raw fish, sashimi, crab soup, live octopus and other seafood delicacies
  • Street Food Tour: hotteok (cinnamon and sugar caramel donuts), tteokbokki (spicy rice cake noodles)
  • Theatre district visit and a visit to a famous shaved ice dessert cafe for patbingsu
  • Traditional Market visit and a stop at a fried chicken place that has been making it the same way for 40 years
  • Korean Beef Market Visit and dinner of top-grade Korean Hanwoo (1++ Grade Beef) with soju cocktails
  • Cloudy Rice Beer House visit with Korean pancakes (makgeolli, jeon)
  • Craft Beer House Visit to try some of Korea’s local brews

Our food experts will be sure to make sure you have an incredible journey through food. This is a full day experience so you should better come hungry.

Cost: For 2 people 650 USD. For 3 people, 850 USD; 4 people: 1200 usd (for 4 people there will be private transport included). Note this is the price for a full day, all inclusive tour. Half-day tours are available by request.

The cost for a half-day tour (4 hours all inclusive for 2 people) is 375 usd. For the half-day tour, it is recommended that you do an evening tour starting at 5pm. Daytime tours are also available.

For groups more than 4, contact us directly. Tours can be customized for time and price for family and corporate groups. Food, guide, tax, and transportation is all included. Children 5 and under are free. Ask us for children’s rates. Payments made using international credit cards may incur a surcharge. Private Chauffeured Transport is also available but with an additional charge.


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