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Our Ultimate Korean Food Experience takes you on a journey of the senses. You’ll explore restaurants with your food expert guide to find the best representative foods. Our experienced, knowledgable guides will pick a delicious route that will leave you enthralled with Korean flavors. You’ll be in good company since our guides have taken Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, Judy Joo, Marja Vongeritchen and Heather Graham on food tours. Your day will filled with visits to historical markets, food stalls, noodle shops and restaurants. You’ll get an insider’s look as your guide will introduce you to the chefs and the workers. You’ll hear their stories behind their success. This tour is for those looking for deep insight into Korean culture told through the story of food. Of course, we know how everyone’s taste is different so our food experts will customize the tour for everyone. Even though our tour is focused on Korean food, we have taken side trips to visit the best coffee shops, bakeries and noodle shops in Seoul so let your guide know. It is recommended that you do this tour early in your trip to Korea so we can give you tips and advice about what you can do for the rest of your time. Our food experts are mindful of those with food allergies and dietary restrictions and will go out of their way to prepare halal meats and gluten-free products. We also can prepare a special event for birthdays or anniversaries (we can keep a surprise). I can assure you that our team will do everything to make this an incredible foodie experience.


President of Delectable Travels


Ultimate Food Tour Menu (menus often change according to your preferences)

  • Fish Market Tour with a full course lunch including raw fish, sashimi, crab soup, live octopus and other seafood delicacies
  • Street Food Tour: hotteok (cinnamon and sugar caramel donuts), tteokbokki (spicy rice cake noodles)
  • Theatre district visit and a visit to a famous shaved ice dessert cafe for patbingsu
  • Traditional Market visit and a stop at a fried chicken place that has been making it the same way for 40 years
  • Korean Beef Market Visit and dinner of top-grade Korean Hanwoo (1++ Grade Beef) with soju cocktails
  • Cloudy Rice Beer House visit with Korean pancakes (makgeolli, jeon)
  • Craft Beer House Visit to try some of Korea’s local brews

Our food experts will be sure to make sure you have an incredible journey through food. This is a full day experience so you should better come hungry.

Cost: For 2 people 650 USD. For 3 people, 850 USD; 4 people: 1200 usd (for 4 people there will be private transport included). Note this is the price for a full day, all inclusive tour. Half-day tours are available by request.

The cost for a half-day tour (4 hours all inclusive for 2 people) is 375 usd. For the half-day tour, it is recommended that you do an evening tour starting at 5pm. Daytime tours are also available.

For groups more than 4, contact us directly. Tours can be customized for time and price for family and corporate groups. Food, guide, tax, and transportation is all included. Children 5 and under are free. Ask us for children’s rates. Payments made using international credit cards may incur a surcharge. Private Chauffeured Transport is also available but with an additional charge.


The Reviews:

Nov. 2014 via Linkedin by Abby K. Daniel is an amazing guide to all things food and drink in Seoul! While traveling to Seoul, my husband and I did a private tour with Daniel and probably had one of the best and most memorable experiences ever! Great guy who knows his stuff and goes over and above to make sure everyone has a fantastic time. I can’t wait to return again one day in the future! If you have plans to head to Seoul, reach out to Daniel for an amazing experience. Read more here Linkedin

Feb 2013 via Tripadvisor by 333Jan: Best Tour Guide in South Korea: I haven’t stopped thinking about our time with Daniel Gray. Not only did we have amazing food and drink in unusual places, so loved our teachers and the food we made at O’ngo cooking school, the two walking taste tours we took were outstanding, we stayed in so many wonderful and different kinds of lodging…so much fun! We really got such a feeling about your country and culture and hope to come back one day….Mostly, I felt so taken care of, at all times. We were in such good hands from the moment we met you at the airport till we said good-bye. We never needed anything and if there was a moment of wishing for something…you were right there with it. You are a natural caregiver and a marvelous tour guide!

Jan 2013 via Tripadvisor by Hibiscus99: A Food Lover’s Dream:I had two tours with Daniel and O’ngo: The Korean Taste tour and the Korean Fish Market tour. Both were amazing and completely exceeded my expectations. This company was organized and responsive from my first contact with them. Daniel personally responded to all my emails promptly and was waiting for us at the tour starting points.

January 2013 via Tripadvisor by Kim S: Dan designed a most fabulous trip for us. We took cooking classes, food tasting tours and over night trips. Even a Temple Stay…. Dan was with us most of the trip. He is so smart, so kind, just a wonderful human being… He is the best, we feel lucky to know him. Read more here

May 2012 via Tripadvisor by BellaCuore: I decided to book a tour with Dan Gray. It was great. My family got to see a lot of different places off the beaten path and enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. Dan was very concerned about each person on the tour and wanted to make sure everyone was having a good time. Nice job. Read more here

Nov 2012 via Tripadvisor by Anita D: We all went on the night tour with Daniel. We had such a great time, we wished we had done it as soon as we got to Korea…but we had other things on our agenda, so we had to do it on our last night. What a way to end our trip. Read more here



August 2014 from the book “The Birth of Korean Cool” “Koreans know a lot of drinking games. Gray showed me one I hadn’t seen before.” Read more here

July 2013 from the blog of comic artist Lucy Knisley “I went to Seoul, South Korea! I just got back 10 days ago. I’ve had all these amazing travel opportunities recently, and I’m getting some cool work out of it. Travel cartooning! Who knew? Seoul was pretty rad. My favorite part was the food tour with Daniel Gray of SeoulEats.com.” Read more here


November 2013 from magazine Stuff (New Zealand): “‘This is a little cultural excursion.'” I’ve spend the morning following the food blogger around a fish market. I’ve eaten oysters and crab and sashimi with him for lunch. Now he wants me to meet a red-haired doll with flatulence issues.” Read more here

November 2012 from Website Johnny Jet: “The highlight of our Seoul trip was going on a Korean Food Tour and there’s no better person to show you where the locals eat than Daniel Gray (see his Seoul City Insider guide).” Read more here

November 2011 from Gadling. “At the end of the night, I’m not only full, warm and a bit drunk — I also feel like I’ve tasted the best food in town without feeling like a dumb tourist. Dan has been fabulous company.” Read more here

September 2011 from the Television Show Kimchi Chronicles: “Gray’s a true foodie; he makes his living eating food, writing about it, and teaching others about it, so we were very excited to have him on Kimchi Chronicles. He appears in Episode 12, the Pork Chronicles, where he, Marja and Heather did a taste test of three of  Seoul’s finest pork restaurants.” Read more here

May 2009 from Serious Eats Website: My fooding partner Dan Gray of Seoul Eats told me that lines frequently form out the door for this 40-year-old restaurant, which he described as making “the Model T of kalguksu.” Read more here

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