Service Guarantees and Payment Policy

Delectable Travels Customer Service GuaranteeYour satisfaction is our top priority

We will provide timely and polite customer service in person or via other forms of communication. If ever we’re rude, or if a customers’ questions are not handled in an appropriate manner, we encourage customers to let us our Customer Response Management (CRM) Team know. Our CRM team will take appropriate action to remedy the problem and discipline the responsible members.

We will respond to initial contact via emails or calls usually within 24 hours. This commitment does not apply during severe weather conditions or emergency events or if access to that workplace is not available or is deemed unsafe, if contractors are the cause of the problem, or if extenuating circumstances beyond our control prevent a timely response.

We will provide customers with an accurate invoice. If a customer’s bill is wrong, we will correcting it.

We will respect each customer’s space and property. Respecting the property of others is a fundamental right. If our employees damage property, they will initiate a prompt, mutually agreeable resolution of the problem.

If you aren’t happy, we want to know. Please contact us by email at or call customer service at +82-540-4112ext 4395 whenever you have a concern or a problem with your service.

Payment Policy

Payment or deposit should be made 2 weeks prior to the tour unless other wise stipulated by Delectable Travels.   Bank transfer is recommended. If a paypal or credit card payment is made, there will be a 3.3% surcharge. You can request to pay a deposit and pay the balance on arrival. Cancellations made 2 weeks in advance will receive the full refund (minus the finance transactions cost which vary on which type of payment you make). Cancellations made 1 week before the tour will be subject to a 30% charge. Cancellations made within 2 days of the tour will be subject to a 50% charge and cancellations on the day will be subject to a 100% charge.
Delectable Travels is part of iFood Korea. Business Registration Number 311-87-00027

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