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This tour is designed for Koreans and their families returning to Korea that are looking for deeper insight into the country. As a Korean adoptee, I personally know how stressful and intimidating it can be. When I first came to Korea I felt lost, but eventually I found my way. There are so many cultural differences in Korea and it has led to many funny and embarrassing moments such as when I first encountered the Asian squatty potty, figuring out the proper way to eat a Korean meal and how to learn about how to figure out visas, how to search for birth parents and much more. There is a lot of misinformation at first but over time I was able to survive and navigate through Korean society. During my time here, I have also been able to do my birth family search and have gained insight into Korean culture, business, marriage, health care and many other aspects of life here.

Ever traveler is different. Some people are looking for insight into the past and others are looking for insights into the culture in a fun and interactive way. Usually, people are traveling with friends and family so while it is a personal trip, we realize that it needs to be a vacation for all the members of the group. Our team takes all these aspects into account to create an itinerary that meets the individual and group needs.

Our itineraries are diverse and flexible. We have veteran experiences planning tours and video productions so there isn’t much that will surprise us. For video productions, we have had to arrange top level interviews for news shows, books, and entrances to exclusive events. For our tour guests we have arranged orphanage visits, translations for family visits, farm visits, gotten tickets for sports events and concerts, arranged homestays and special birthday and anniversary events.

We plan and curate your experience so you will feel inspired, surprised and delighted throughout your time with us instead of just freestyling it. You’ve spent time, possibly years planning your tours, I feel we should do the same. Of course, we are flexible and are able to rearrange and change schedules depending on the needs of the group.

Please feel free to contact us. We can arrange a personalized tour for you that will fit your tastes, time and budget.



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