Fish Market Tour

If you are a fish and seafood lover then Korea’s Mapo¬†Fish Market is one of the must eat places in Korea. The fish market looks like a giant aquarium that has a vast array of shellfish, live fish, skate, eel, jellyfish, fermented fish and octopuses. The best part is that you can pick what you would like out of the tanks and have it cooked or sliced to eat raw. This is one of the unique aspects of Korean culture that is not to be missed. Our guides will give you a tour of the market and then help you pick out a selection of fish, shellfish and…live octopus (if you so dare) and then take you to a restaurant to eat what you have selected. Our guides will take you to the best vendors and fish mongers to make sure you get the freshest available and then talk to the restaurants to have it cooked the way you would like in case anyone has allergies or can’t handle spice. You’ll get a great meal and an education.

The Menu

  • Raw Fish Sashimi or Giant Steamed Crab (20,000 won or more surcharge for crab depending on weight and season)
  • Grilled Butter Abalone
  • Live Octopus
  • Live Sea Squirt
  • Spicy Fish Soup with Rice
  • Soju and Beer
  • Cost is 90 USD a person minimum 2