Our team at Delectable Travels and the event team at iFamily has years of experience with handling top of the line events for product launches, weddings, company research trips and incentive trips for companies. Our team knows how to handle the preplanning and logistics to make sure that your big day goes off without a problem and even if there is an issue, we have backups and provisions to make sure that everything goes as planned. At our combined companies, we have 200 dedicated hospitality experts to make sure that you will get the best hotels, conference venues, meals, activities, galas and rewards for you and your group. With incentive groups, we develop insightful, creative education and team building activities. As for galas, we’ll make sure that your brand is prominently displayed along with the message.

When you are choosing your big event, you should choose us. We have the experience, the know-how and the drive to get it done right.

Delectable Travels and iFamily


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Letters from our Guests

YPO (Young President’s Organization)
Date: September 2012
Number of Guests: 80
I had the pleasure of working with Daniel Gray for an event for YPO, the Young Presidents Organization. Since our members are composed of CEOs and executives from top corporations in Asia, we wanted a dynamic program that would be creative, dynamic, and meaningful. We tried to do this program ourselves and then through other local operators, but we found that Daniel’s programs were the most original and insightful. He used his connections to get us into great restaurants and venues. He arranged exclusive activities like a Shaman Reading, Historical hikes with professors, a pop-up performance from a K-pop group and an exclusive, moving lecture from a North Korean Refugee.
For my group, I was looking for an operator that could think outside of the box and execute. I feel that Daniel did a great job and so did my guests. Many of them gave Daniel and his team top marks.
I would recommend that Daniel help you with your groups event or project.
Steven Yaung
Chapter Chair – Pan Asia Chapter of YPO Young Presidents Organization


LSG Sky Chefs (LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG)
Date: May 2011
Number of Guests: 20
For the LSG Sky Chef’s visit to Korea, we needed to have an operator that could create a program that was educational but also useful for our professional chefs. The program also had to be enjoyable since our chefs traveled from around the world to come to the training in Korea. Dan and his team put together an excellent mixture of education, food, and excitement. On our most intense day, he kept the group energized from day to night. We started with a breakfast at a fish market where we learned about the fish then picked out the seafood and had it cooked nearby. We then went to visit a kimchi factory followed by a tofu and rice cake making class at a Korean fermented sauce farm where we had lunch. That evening we had a celebratory night dining tour where we ate and drank at different food places. It was a fun time had by all. It also fulfilled the agenda of our program which was to give an intensive overview for our chefs to understand the flavors and the concepts about the cuisine.
I would recommend Daniel to create an exciting and educational itinerary for your group
Remo Berdux
During the event worked as the Executive Production Manager for LSG Sky Chefs Korea Co., Ltd.
Currently works at IHG InterContinental Hotels Group


Motherland tour

韓國傳統文化 美食 流行時尚之旅

為了正煩惱在哪裡找能用中文帶領你,玩遍韓國的個人小當手嗎? 放心, Delectable Travels是真正的帶領你, 探索且體驗傳統韓國文化及美食的團隊。 我們結合了傳統和現代, 都市和郊區, 大眾所知的和尚未發掘的隱藏版路線, 不只有為喜愛韓國美食, 藝術, 流行時尚的個人或小團體所打造的高獨特性質美食時尚旅遊行程之外, 更有專為大家庭, 大團體或是喜愛探險的你, 所設計的韓國特色文化5日遊。 我們的團隊將超乎你的期待, 與我們一同旅遊,…

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