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Korean Black Goat BBQ

Ultimate Food Experience: Private Tour

Ultimate Food Tour Menu (menus often change according to your preferences) Fish Market Tour with a full course lunch including raw fish, sashimi, crab soup, live octopus and other seafood delicacies Street Food Tour: hotteok (cinnamon and sugar caramel donuts), tteokbokki (spicy rice cake noodles) Theatre district visit and a visit to a famous shaved ice dessert cafe for patbingsu… Read more →

West Side Seoul Tour: Hipsters and Good Eats

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As Seoul has become a more popular destination for tourists, the real Seoulites have had to move to adjust to rising rents and food prices. In the hip district of Mullae-dong, artists and machinists have taken residence to transform the area to a cool art village with urban art pieces, art studios, restaurants and cafes right next to machinists transforming steel into industrial works. It will show you the cool, undiscovered area of Seoul as we dine at famous restaurants and eateries. This is a 3 hour tour. Food and drinks are included.


*See a hipster art village

*Try Great Korean Food: Round 1 we’ll go to a famous BBQ restaurant for marinated pork BBQ with soju and beer. Round 2: Korean traditional savory pancakes with rice beer. Round 3: We’ll have amazing Korean chicken with a special twist.

*Learn about Korean Culture through stories and fun drinking games


Tour info

Tours cost 80 USD a person (minimum 2) and starts from Hapjeong Station (Green Line 2 and Tan Line 9) Exit 8 at 6pm. Tours are currently being co-hosted by the Airbnb Experience teams. You can find out our schedule and how to sign up here.

Email us at for any questions. You can also sign up below.

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Video Production and Fixing Services

Since 2009, Daniel Gray (linkedin, Imdb) and his team has been involved with many of the video productions, research and books, media and business projects that have come to Korea. Daniel is a Korean-American with over 10 years of experience of working in Korea. In Korea he has worked with Korean media companies such as TBS eFM radio, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS)… Read more →


Seoul Craft Beers and Food Crawl

If your idea of a great night out is to eat, drink and meet cool people then join our Seoul Pub Crawl. Our Pub Crawl will start with a tasting of Korea’s best craft beers such as Pilsners, Stouts and Ales. Then we’ll wander the streets to visit a hidden yet very popular local beer garden to try some Korean… Read more →

Fishing at the Market

Fish Market Tour

The Menu Raw Fish Sashimi or Giant Steamed Crab (20,000 won or more surcharge for crab depending on weight and season) Grilled Butter Abalone Live Octopus Live Sea Squirt Spicy Fish Soup with Rice Soju and Beer Cost is 90 USD a person minimum 2   Loading… Read more →

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5-day Ultimate Korean Food Tour

For people looking for a trip to see more and explore the vastness of Korea, we offer Multi-day tours. These tours are designed for real explorers of Korea that are looking for more of the country and wilderness. Our streamlined and curated tours are designed so we don’t waste time traveling Instead, we spend the time seeing, eating and experiencing… Read more →


韓國傳統文化 美食 流行時尚之旅

為了正煩惱在哪裡找能用中文帶領你,玩遍韓國的個人小當手嗎? 放心, Delectable Travels是真正的帶領你, 探索且體驗傳統韓國文化及美食的團隊。 我們結合了傳統和現代, 都市和郊區, 大眾所知的和尚未發掘的隱藏版路線, 不只有為喜愛韓國美食, 藝術, 流行時尚的個人或小團體所打造的高獨特性質美食時尚旅遊行程之外, 更有專為大家庭, 大團體或是喜愛探險的你, 所設計的韓國特色文化5日遊。 我們的團隊將超乎你的期待, 與我們一同旅遊, 必將為你的回憶增添色彩, 更能豐富你的旅遊經驗。 我們不能說只是你的導遊, 更像是你朋友, 甚至家人的存在! 一起創造回憶吧! 我們是帶領你品味真正道地美食, 體驗真正當地文化, 拜訪隱藏商店的專門策劃公司 Delectable Travels。 旅遊 企劃者: Daisy Wu          Read more →

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Payment or Deposit for Food Tour

This is the deposit request for your tour. Thank you for choosing Delectable Travels. Please have filled out the tour request. If you don’t, we won’t know what your deposit is for or what your requested tour was. Also, add an email address so we can confirm. 10 USD deposit for your tour You need to do one deposit per… Read more →